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From toxic to detoxed


Toxic  material is found in everything we eat and drink and in the air we  breath, as well as in alcohol, tobacco, legal and illegal drugs.

We  also produce toxins internally when we are stressed as our body  releases toxins accumulated in the fat cells which circulate in the  bloodstream.
Vitamin and mineral deficiency as well as allergies are common symptoms   of a toxic body, as well as fatigue, depression, skin problems, back  pain, joint pain, etc.
A  detox is a natural way to get rid of unwanted toxic material in the  body, a vacation for the entire organism which is purified to achieve  maximum health.
Marga’s detox programs combine fresh juices and natural supplements to  give the body all it needs and to assist in removing toxic material from  the intestines with the aid of natural ingredients.

When  toxins are released during a detox program, symptoms of headache,  irritability, tiredness and skin eruptions, nausea, heartburn, as well  as aching bones and joints can be experienced. This depends on the  amount of toxins in the body and it is a natural process.

 By using natural ingredients we can assist in the detox program depending on the symptoms manifesting.

Once this stage is passed, the feeling of a clean body manifests and we will feel more energetic, alert and full of vitality.

A  detox is a time of reflection; once we learn to listen to our body, we  will learn what is good for it and be more aware of our lifestyle.

All the products used in our detox are 100% natural.


Juicing is a way to allow a high concentration of nutrients in our body.
Juices should be natural and sugar free; the juices bought in shops and  supermarkets are usually full of added sugars and preservatives and they  are not an healthy option for a detox.

Fresh  juice contains all nutrients needed by the body and it discards fibers  which are not needed during the purification process.

The benefits of juicing can be felt instantly with and increase of energy, a feeling of purification and lightness of the body.

A  typical juice fast involves, possibly, a few days of preparation where  alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar, dairy, animal products and eggs are  reduced or eliminated.
Ideally few Days eating only raw foods is the best, possibly organic.

What is the main ingredient of our juices?
Coconut water is the basis of all our juices; this is because of the many benefits of coconut which are listed here below.
Coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals and it helps re-hydrating the body naturally.
It contains sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is a natural electrolyte.
Coconut also kills bacteria and fungi, boost energy, improves digestion,  reduces inflammation, softens skin, aid weight loss, is antioxidant,  support immune system.

The Program includes:
7 Nights Accommodation
Daily Detox drinks
Daily Juices & power shots
7 (75 min) Yoga classes
7 (30 min) Meditation classes
3 Massage Therapies

3 Reiki Therapies
Daily Coconut Water
Daily Herbal Teas

Home made natural body scrubs and face masks

Herbal Saunas

Herbal supplements
Free time
Personalized  Support


Delma Samui
Taling Ngam
Koh Samui

Fees including 7 night accommodation:

40,000 baht
-1 guest at sunrise cottage-

70,000 baht
-2 guests at sunrise cottage-


Private fees including 7 night accommodation:

105,000 baht
-1 guest at sunrise cottage-

190,000 baht
-2 guests at sunrise cottage_


Please inquire for fees excluding accommodation

Treat Yourself to a Detox Program